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Spaces for People, Stobswell

As part of the core design team, with designer Louise Kirby, Old School Fabrications and UNESCO Dundee.

Completion: August 2021

The project in Stobswell, Dundee arose out of a co-design process with the local community to create more space for walking and wheeling, under Phase 2 of the Sustrans Spaces for People program. Following a series of community workshops ran by Service Design Academy, the design team, which later included Old School Fabrications, proposed two new pocket parks on Craigie Street and Eliza Street. Artwork created by Louise was inspired by the local area, and arose from the community’s desire for more colour and greenery in Stobswell. Sustrans have carried on part of the initial research with the community in Stobswell and were also often part of design discussions during the project.

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